Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Drive Home

At the gym, my knee allowed me to run 1 1/2 miles straight. Very proud of that. I know it's not the 4 1/4 miles (from Saturday), but it's slightly more than yesterday's 1.20 miles. Yay...some progress. It's almost time to start the healing for tonight. Until then. I'll show you some things I saw on my way home.

In the parking lot, there are a lot of temptations. Off the left of this photo, there is a Burger King and to the right of the photo there is a Leatherby's Ice Cream place.

It's pretty awesome to see some many cars in the parking lot so close to Christmas. I know people are busy with everything coming up, and they're still able to fit in their workouts!

I'm tired (a little disappointed in the run) and ready to go home. Time to eat and get started on my knee.

Here's some of the traffic I had to wait to get out of the parking lot. I can't wait until the holidays are over. I hate traffic. It seems like the people that never drive, come out now.

This is what my odometer looked like while slowing going home.

At least Scoutie was happy to have her bed back. She sleeps on my gym bag at night and until I take her off of it when I leave in the morning. She loves the weekend, when I'm able to leave it home all day long, so she can enjoy it!

I have to figure something out for dinner. Not sure what to eat, yet. I'm snacking on some carrots right now. Man, is my tummy growling!

Did anyone see the Lunar Eclipse last night? I was out cold before 10pm, so I didn't. I heard it was great!


  1. I guess walking to BK for dinner and ice cream after would count as exercise, right?

  2. Scoutie is adorable. Yay for 1.5 miles no pain:) I know the feeling though...it is still so hard! It is nice that people are still working out during this busy time!! LOVE the picture of you gorgeous girl!

  3. Well, 1.5 miles is better than nothing!! ice ice ice!!