Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Today was pretty relaxed, but busy. I got up (without an alarm) and relaxed while I ate breakfast (my freshly made biscotti) and some coffee while we watched some shows. Afterwards, I started making things for today and for tomorrow.

The first thing I made was Spinach dip.

Then, I made an apple pie (I didn't made the crusts, though).

I enjoyed some hot apple cider (with a cinnamon stick made in the crock pot) while I watched the Flintstones Christmas (one of my favorites).

Here's the apple pie after is was finished baking...Yum!!

Brownies were next on my list.

Lunch was my next break. I made a croissant panni (with deli chicken and colby jack cheese) and some spinach dip with chabata bread.

For Christmas Eve dinner, we went over to a family friends' house. We enjoyed a great evening of presents and great company. We had Mexican food for dinner.

And, of course, I had some wine.

It's been a busy last few days, but tomorrow should be pretty easy. This is why I've been so busy lately, just to make Christmas as easy as possible. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas!!

What have you done this week?

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