Saturday, December 4, 2010

5k=3.68 Miles??

So, I had my Run with Santa 5k race in Cameron Park, Ca. I knew this was their 1st annual race, so I wasn't expecting much. I was expecting a bib, though. We got shirts and that's about it. Oh well. It was decorated really cute. I loved these balloons. This was the start and finish.

It was so cold. Notice, the people in the background, they're covered in warm clothes. I knew I was going to get hot running, so I wore my normal cold weather run gear.

This little boy was walking around everywhere. There were so little people there, you could see him everywhere. I would guess about 100 people. He even has little crocks. He was so cute!

This was the pre-run stretch. I didn't know that there was a such thing as Buffalo Chips (a local racing team for adults) Junior. It was so cute. I think the youngest that was there was about 8 years old. What a good idea!

So, they lied, we didn't run with Santa. After the stretch, we kind of ran away from Santa. Mrs. Clause stole the show (as you can see her posing for us).

I wore my Garmin, because I wasn't expecting any mile markers, and I was correct (plus, I wear that thing everywhere I run). My foot handled pretty well, but my knee gave my major issues. I had to walk some of the race. My entire body wanted more, expect my knee. I'll baby it (and my foot, just in case) this week, and see how it handles at next weekends race.
At this point, I was in so much pain, you could see it in my face. I just wanted to stop. I kept going and crossed. It felt so good to run up and down hills. My knee didn't bother me, until I ran on a flat road (which was majority of the race).

After I crossed the finish line, I checked my Garmin. It read 44 minutes (even). I wasn't expecting a good time or anything. Then, I checked the miles...3.68 miles. These people couldn't even get the miles right. For a race, you should be able to at least get the miles right. Oh well, I still had fun. My supportive hubby came a long and took the pictures for me. He suffered through the cold, so the least I could do was to share my free breakfast. I'm never hungry right after a race (maybe 20 minutes afterwards).
We got pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy. It was an ok meal.

I've learned that I will not be running this race next year. They need to learn a little more, before I do.
Did you guys have any races this weekend?


  1. I missed our santa shuffle..
    I stopped signing up for 1st or 2nd annual races, just not worth the money, so instead I make my own race the same day and do the miles at a location other than my normal route. Makes me feel like I am at a race!

    Next for me is a hypothermic half in feb. It's coooooold here! We're talking face mask cold!

  2. Sorry about the knee issues! One thing on the mileage--race directors measure on the tangent, so most Garmin's are going to come up a bit long compared to that measurement--pretty much no one runs the tangent 100 percent of the race.

  3. That is one long "5K" - congrats on finishing. I hope things are feeling better for the next one!

  4. I'm sorry you had to figure out this bad race the hard way! Good thing you finished! I ran my first 5K this past Saturday!

  5. Dang that looks like a good breakfast to me. Races I've been in only throw in hot pancakes if we're lucky!
    Seems like Banana and trail mix is a favorite here in California!

  6. I don't like it when race distances are off...and yours was pretty off. But it still looked fun!