Monday, December 24, 2012

What to Wear for Cold Weather Running

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Usually (depending on where you live) Christmas time means that it's cold outside. I mean really cold. I live in Cali, so it's not nearly as cold here as it is in North Dakota. I still need to dress warm, in order to prevent myself from freezing. Here's what I'm wearing right now, when I run outside (on the weekends and all this week). I'm still wearing my Nike capris (my legs get really hot), but I know that will change very soon. I wear my long sleeve tech shirt, then a short sleeve tech shirt and arm warmers on top of all that. I also have winter socks and my comfy new(ish) shoes. While running (when it's super cold), I also wear my running jacket (it gets washed a lot more often during the winter time than the summer). Every time I run, I bring my water bottle, my head band (it's a must to keep my hair out of my face) and my mp3 player (only if I'm running solo).

How cold has it been where you live? It's been in the 30's when I wake up and a warm 50 during the day. What do you wear during your winter runs?

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  1. A headband is always a must for me too during my runs. During the cold months I wear a long sleeve, jacket and gloves. I may need to add ear muff to the list.