Monday, December 10, 2012

The Best Running Partner & Christmas

Well, it finally happened. Jason ran with me. I emailed him on his day off (I had to work) and he said he would run with me, when I got off of work. I was expecting him to not be ready when I got home. Instead, he was ready and excited! I quickly got changed and we were off. We started off slow, and only went about 1 mile. It was so worth not running my long run for the week. 

I was trying to talk to him during our run, but he said that he doesn't run and talk at the same time. He got use to me talking while we were running. It was so great! I love running with Jason!! He is the best (not offence to anyone else I've ever run with). 

 He enjoyed himself too, and said he may be doing this at least once a month.

My legs loved the run, too!

Christmas is in full effect in the David (my last name) house hold. Here are some of our decorations (I'm done shopping and excited about it).

Our entry way.

Front door

Close up of what's in the pot.

Over our fireplace

What does your place look like? Are you ready for Christmas? What are your New Years plans? Does your spouse/significant other run too?

I spent too much time raking and picking up leaves (aka: squats and an arm workout), so I won't be going to ripped class. Just doing some sprint and a leg workout. How about you?


  1. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed the run! I do wish I had a running partner sometimes. Hopefully this sticks.

    You're already done shopping?! Jealous!!

    1. I hope it sticks, too. I am done shopping. But, I did most of my shopping online. I going to the stores in that mess!

  2. Yay, how fun! My husband and I have been together for 12 years, he's only run with my like twice. lol