Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunset Run & Some Flooding

Last night was a night that I really needed my run. I was in such a bad mood, I just wanted to run forever. I ended up not taking a lunch and leaving early (don't worry, I did eat). I always get changed at work, then head to the gym. I got changed and started driving. While I was driving, I realized that the sun was still up and i had time to run fast, but not far. I pushed myself, harder than I have in a while (except during my sprints). I came our glistening (women don't sweat) and completely calm. Running is great for everything! There's just something about a sunset that can really take away any troubles that a person may have.

A couple weeks ago, it poured here. I know, a lot of you had a lot worse weather a little while ago, but this doesn't happen too Often. In the pouring rain, Jason and I took a walk around the neighborhood. Little did we know, that we wouldn't be going very far:

Here's our backyard. It didn't touch our house, though.

The park directly behind our house. Notice the man in the right hand corner, the water is up to his waist. 

This guy was stupid and went too fast going through the flood and flooded his car.

Across the street from our house (yes, we have 2 parks). It's really flowing!

I run on these trails, but not that morning, I didn't feel like swimming. 

Have you had any sunrise or sunset runs lately? What time do you prefer to run? How's everyone else out there? Any crazy, unusual weather for you?

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