Sunday, April 17, 2011

Polish Dinner

I relaxed for a while yesterday, after my 13 mile run. I felt pretty good all day. My knee hasn't really hurt. I've been elevating it and icing it like a good runner. Last night's dinner was pretty good. I made Polish meatballs with mashed potatoes and green beans. There wasn't anything special about the potatoes or the beans, they just had the same seasoning as the meatballs. The hubs made it very romantic outside. It was so nice out there. A very cool breeze and we had a mosquito candle with us (aka, no bugs).

Dessert was chocolate babaka. The dough was super soft and difficult to work with. Does everyone remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine stopped to get the babka to take with her to a dinner party and found a hair in it. It was also the episode where George was wearing that huge jacket and had to trade it with the wine salesman when Kramer knocked over all the wine. Can you tell that I love watching Seinfeld!?

I was a little disappointed that the chocolate didn't melt inside the bread. Oh well, it was eating a chocolate chip type of bread. It did taste like something I've made before, just not sure which bread.

I've been watching crappy horror movies on Netflix and relaxing while the hubs is hanging out with some friends today. I can't wait for left overs!


  1. Such a delicious dinner! Love that you themed it. I hope my hubby doesn't see this and expect me to be a better wife/chef. Way to set the bar!

  2. So awesome that you felt great after the big 13.

    Dinner looks interesting!!