Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Hubs Behind the Runner & Recipes

So, the man in my life that I always refer to as "hubs", well, his name is Jason. We met almost 10 years ago. We've been married for almost 6 years. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He is super supportive through everything I do.

Every race I do, he's there to support me and cheer me to the finish line (as well as be my photographer). If I'm having a bad day (aka had a bad run), he tries to understand why and help cheer me up. He is my rock and my love, I am the luckiest girl to have him in my life!

Ok, enough mushy stuff. I made the best dinner last night (not healthy at all). I made scalloped potatoes from scratch (which I've never done before). Jason said "these are the best scalloped potatoes I've ever had". And, they were. These are a must try!

Here I am in my messy kitchen. Don't worry I clean when I am completely finished.

Another item that I have never made before (from scratch), biscuits. These are mini cheddar biscuits with vanilla honey butter was the best I've ever tasted. Another must try!! I have some leftovers. Give me a call, and I'll fix you dinner!

I paired these things with green beans and tomato, garlic sausage. I was so full last night (my stomach has shrank through this training session).

This was the best dinner I've had in a very long time! If you try these recipes, let me know. I want to see what you guys thought of it. I have to get ready. We're going to my parents house for Easter dinner.

What was the best dinner you've ever fixed?


  1. Those muffins look amazing! Mini anything is better than the full-size version!

  2. The hubs sounds awesome and dinner looks good too!! Are those homemade granola bars as well? Mmm!

  3. What a sweet post on your Hubs...he's cute. :)

  4. Aww :) it's important to give our family/friend supporters the credit they deserve for putting up with our running antics!