Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Chard Never Hurt Anyone

Same ole morning. Nothing special. If you haven't noticed, my week days are pretty standard. The only "unusual" thing today was that my boss gave my of her Pluots. I've never had one before. It's a mix between an apricot and and plum. The type I had was really sweet on the inside and the skin was really tart. It was really good.

I went to the gym and took it easy on my knee because it was giving me problems today. I think I just twisted wrong or something. It's better now and I'll be 100% tomorrow. I did only 15 minutes on the elliptical and 3 sets of my ab workout. I spent about 45 minutes at the gym tonight.

Afterwards, I needed to go grocery shopping. I found some jars to make freezer jam and also the pectin. Guess what I'll be making this weekend!

When I got home, I was starving, so my night was a little backwards. While I was making dinner, I had my dessert...my home made granola bars. By the way, Jarrelle Sartwell, I would love your recipe for your granola. Please email it to me. Thanks!

Tonight's dinner was Penne with roasted tomatoes, garlic and white beans. Since I've never roasted tomatoes before, I wasn't sure what I was doing. I followed the recipe (as I always do the very first time), and look what happened to the roasted tomatoes (that's garlic on the top). On well, I didn't add the burnt part to the pasta, and you couldn't even taste any nasty-ness.

I added everything together in one big pot. The dinner was good, but just pretty bland. I think next time, I will add more seasoning and more garlic (I love lots of garlic).

I'm still pretty tired from last nights workout and I still have to clean the kitchen (the most dreaded part of cooking).
Every ones time / mileage for their run last month are so impressive. I can't wait to get to that point. I'm upping my mileage in about 1 week to 4 1/4 miles 3 times a week (instead of 4). I'm thinking about 4 1/2 miles on Thursday (if my body is up it). I hope it is, because my brain is saying yes, I hope my legs agree.
What's the worst thing you've ever burnt?


  1. Wow, that pasta dish looks yummy! I love pasta. ;)

  2. I once burnt some chicken legs on the grill so bad they were unrecognizable black sticks. I had forgotten about them…ops. The worst thing my wife burnt was her hand absent mindedly pulling out a 350 degree cookie sheet from the oven without a glove. She suffered for a couple of weeks.

  3. You will get there, a little bit at a time! I hope the legs cooperate for a nice little increase tomorrow.

  4. Hope the legs hold up for the increase!

  5. I love pluots!!! Not sure what it is about them - but they are sure fun to say!

    Hope the knee feels better soon. Rest up!

  6. Dinner looks amazing! And I'd love to try a pluot. Looks delish!

  7. I think we must have been on the same wavelength yesterday. I went to the gym, went to the grocery story, ate my desset before dinner (smoothie) and then made basil, asiago, pine nut pasta. What a great night! And that pasta that you made looks REALLY good.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I am going to take everyones tips and make this a great week of running!