Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hills, hills, hills and a big salad

Today was a much better day! It started out the same as any other morning. I had my normal breakfast and headed off to work. Work, again was a mad house (but much calmer than yesterday).

I tried my new bread (that Jason bought me) for my lunch. I can't believe how filling it was. I could only eat 2 1/2 bites. I was stuffed! This is all I ate for my lunch. It was so good, though.

A few hours later, I had my pre-workout snack. I had 1/2 bar of Think Thin. It was pretty good, but not what I was thinking. It was covered in chocolate and PB inside. It was good, but not what I was expecting with a name like "Think Thin".

I think the bar messed with my tummy. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that's what was causing all my gassy-ness. I felt bad for the people on the treadmills next to me. I don't think they noticed. I only ran 3 miles nice and easy, then 1/2 straight up (9.5 incline). My legs were killing me. Then, off the my spin class I went. It was a nice class. More hills and lots of them. It felt like then entire class was one big, huge hill. It was great!
When I got home, I was pretty hungry. I was craving a huge salad. I out a tomato, cherry tomatoes, a hard boiled egg, part of a cucumber, walnuts and this new feta salad dressing.

The Seeds of Change salad dressing was fantastic! The smell was out of this world. The flavor was even better. All this mixed together made for the best salad. Here is all the good info on the salad dressing.

Look at this beauty! Tomorrow, I'll be adding chicken.

Dessert was much needed. I made a banana split without the ice cream (I substituted Greek yogurt). I mixed together 1 sliced banana, 1 tablespoon PB, 1 tablespoon Fat Toad Farm carmel, mini chocolate chips and a cherry on top. I mixed everything together.

The Nature's Path granola was sooo good. I love the flavor and all the bites of pieces of goodness. Of course, it has a lot of calories, but it was worth it. I just need to eat it in moderation. I just have to remember that.

Here's everything all mixed together. Best dessert (at home) in a while.

Don't forget about my giveaway. The last day to enter is Monday. I will announce the winners (3) on Tuesday. Hope everyone has a good Thursday!!
Do you have a favorite season? Why?


  1. Looks like ezekiel or genesis bread.

  2. Just remember that hills are good for us:) I used to hate hills and now they are just part of my day!

    The salad look amazing:)

  3. Nice looking dessert! Our son made something similar last weekend, but from scratch.

  4. The salad AND dessert both look amazing! Awesome job on the run + spin class!

  5. Your post just made me hungry!!! :)

    At least one of us made it to spin class! LOL! As for weights, I do them regularly while I do my balance foam exercises. They help the time go by faster.

  6. 9.5 incline!?!?!?! that is amazing. I'm honestly not even sure that the treadmill that I use even GOES that high