Saturday, August 21, 2010

Early Birthday!!

I started my day out by getting up early and fueling myself for my spin class. I ate a banana and had half of a Purity juice. It was yummy!! Off to the gym I went. On my way to my car, I was freezing. I just had my Capri's and a tank top on. I was pretty cold outside. When I got to the spin room, the fans were on high, again, freezing. By the first five minutes in class, I was sweating up a storm.

Class was great! We had are normal instructor and time flew by! The 55 minute class felt like 10 minutes of pure torture. I loved it! I could feel the calories burn.

When I got home, I started the coffee. I toasted some of Manna's organic bread. I had a couple pieces of flax seed bread with Krema's natural peanut butter to go with the coffee.

This peanut butter is so creamy and I love that it's all natural. No chemicals, and I can pronounce every ingredient in it. I like knowing what's going into my body.

The bread was very tasty. There were lots of seeds inside that added to the flavor. I topped the toasted bread with the peanut butter, some rolled oats and a banana. I enjoyed my little treat with some yummy coffee.

I may have had seconds on the coffee.

This filled me up until about 3 pm today. I was getting a little hungry. I had dinner plans at my parents, for an early birthday dinner. So, I knew that I couldn't eat a normal lunch. I rummaged through my pantry and found some Late July snacks. I wanted some more peanut butter (I know, but I love it).

They do have saturated fat, but not that much. Only 160 calories, perfect for my snack.

The crackers themselves were pretty good. They were a little greasy, but a lot less greasy than some other brands I've had in the past. I ate all four crackers and downed them with a bottle of water. These defiantly make you thirsty. Very good snack for mid-day (and no lunch).

Silly me, I went to parents sans-camera. Dinner was really good. We had an amazing salad. It had apples, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and crispy lettuce. The vinaigrette was also amazing. I couldn't stop eating it. We also had BBQ steak with a yummy peach sauce and bacon on top. A summer dish can't be complete without corn on the cob (one of my favorites). I wish I had my camera! Dessert was hot fudge sundaes, complete with a cherry on top. We had an amazing night with my parents. Thanks for cooking, Mom and BBQing, Dad! It was a great early birthday!
Next weekend we'll have my dad over for his birthday. August is filled with birthdays!
What month is filled with birthdays for you?

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  1. we just had our annual August birthday party yesterday for my husband, father in law and daughter...busy month!