Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Birthday Gift to You...My First Giveaway!

This morning was normal, until I got to work. When I got to work, I thought everyone forgot about my birthday, but they surprised me with one of my favorites....Blackberry/blueberry cobbler. So yummy! I snacked on that today. For lunch I had my usual, just inside one of Stacey's whole wheat tortillas. I ran out of bread.

It was such a crazy day at work. I couldn't think straight. I needed to pause time and keep working. I can't believe how busy it was. I loved it (in a way)! Today flew by. I ended up taking a 20 minute lunch about 4pm. Crazy busy today. It's only going to get worse as the week progresses. This did not put me in the greatest mood. We were all cranky.

My hubby had jury duty today, so he didn't have to work tonight. That meant, no workout for me. I love spending as much time with him as possible. When I got home, he knew I wasn't in a good mood. He knows to leave me alone to cool off. Such a sweet guy! He came up to me with a couple of gifts. He gave me some Skinny Cow ice cream, some Ezekiel bread and then a little gift box full of a bunch of goodies: snickers bar, 3 musketeer bar, gum, perfume, Serj Tankain CD (which I'm listening to right now) and some of his poems, and a pair of capris. I love hims so much. He knows just what I want!

It was my choice of places to eat. I wanted to eat at this place that just opened down the street: The Squeeze Inn. Their burgers a pretty big! This is what Jason had for dinner. This is his burger (with a ton of cheese):

Inside his burger:

We shared a side of fries.

My burger (no cheese).

We had a beer when we got home (after we digested the huge meal we had). At the restaurant, Jason gave me one more present. He bought me some pants and a new jacket. I'm set for running in the winter time! Here's my modeling debut:

My new pants (ignore the blood drive shirt).

Here's what everyone is waiting for...the GIVEAWAY!! Three lucky winners will win one towel (each) of their choice from Inperspire towels. Read my review to refresh your memory. These towels are great. Here are the rules (leave a comment for each that you do):
-Become a follower (or tell that you are...mandatory)
-Follow me on fan on facebook
-Follow Inperspire on facebook
-Go to their website and let me know which towel you like best
-Post this review on your blog
-Add me to your blog roll


  1. be it that i'm training for my first marathon on 10-10-10, the 26.2 towel is applicable to me! btw.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you had a great day. That is one insane burger!!!

    I'm a follower!

  3. sent request to follow Inperspire Towels

  4. I love the "I Run Because I Can" towel!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Those burgers look a-mazing! Love the new running clothes :)

  6. Happy Birthday, and thanks for hosting this give away. You have a great blog.

  7. Holy mammoth burger!
    Happy birthday, hope you had a wonderful day!
    Oh, and I'm a follower :)

  8. That burger is HUGE!!

    I follow you!! LOVE your blog!

    Thanks for the awesome comments btw! :)

  9. OMG that is a gigantic burger - wow!

    A VERY Happy Birthday!!!

    I am a follower :).

  10. I just friend requested Inperspire on FB!

  11. I love the I Run Because I can Towel, too :).

  12. I will link you into my blog now:)

  13. I'm a new follower! Great giveaway...

  14. And, I'm adding your giveaway to the sidebar on my blog :)

  15. I am so a follower (a HUNGRY ONE!)

  16. I'd love the 'I am Worth IT' towel.

  17. I added you to my blogroll--happy birthday!

  18. I LOVE the towel that says "that does not kill me makes me stronger faster..."

  19. i linked back