Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenged and Happy!!

Same thing this morning. I woke up and ate my usual cereal. I went to work and had a crazy day! I still managed to get in all my little snacks in.

My first afternoon snack was a few chopped up strawberries. I almost forgot to take a picture before I downed all of them.

A few hours later, I had my chopped up apple.

Before I left work to go to the gym, I had the last half of my bar from yesterday.

Today's workout was a killer. I hauled ass running my 4 1/4 miles. It was a pretty good run. I ran this in 43:22. This is pretty good. I wasn't looking for a special run or anything today, just to really stretch my legs before me spin class. After leaving the treadmill a sweaty mess (don't worry, I cleaned up), I used the restroom and went into my 50 minute spin class. Today's class seemed especially difficult today. Usually, we get a little break between sections. Today, no go. There was not a single break. It was defiantly the killer part of my workout. So many sprints, intervals, and too many hills. My thighs are still tingling. I can feel every muscle in my body. Every movement I make, I feel it take a lot longer. I love how I feel!

Yoga was the next class. This was a full hour of pure stretching. It helps so much after all the torture I put my body through on Mondays. My favorite part of my Mondays!

When I got home, I was starving. I quickly fixed up one of my whole wheat tortilla, hummus and chicken wrap. So yummy! I love this wrap: very quick to make, and very cool.

I couldn't get full. I think I used so many calories, at the gym. I was starving today. I ate some of Late July's mini cookies. They taste so good. I love the milk chocolate inside the whole wheat crackers. I want to buy some more...NOW!!

Just want to give you guys a heads up. You may want to read my blog tomorrow. There may a little something special for my readers. My birthday present to you guys!


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  2. Dinner and those mini cookies look awesome. I love anything chocolate! And you deserve it after that kick butt workout today. Good job to you! I know how you feel about not being able to get full. I did that tonight! After dinner I just kept snacking. I must have needed it!

  3. all gone ... I noticed you often eat something fresh with something bought ... have you ever tried to go a few days with only stuff that you made (and not simply taken out of a package)?

  4. Sounds like Monday was a success! No wonder you were starving after the triple workout! Awesome on the run, spin & yoga!

    I LOVE wraps with hummus, chicken & veggies. YUM!

  5. Your running is getting faster, huh? I wish my gym still had spin classes, especially since I'm into cycling now.

  6. I wish someone would clean my basement treadmill off; it's so gross (ok, I guess that should be me!).

    Your food looks so yummy and it sounds like you had a great day of workouts! Nice run!