Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Much Sweat

This morning, I had my cereal mixture for breakfast. My first afternoon snack was 1/2 Greek yogurt. The second snack was a cut up apple. My lunch was the same as usual, except for using a different brand of mustard.

I used True Natural Taste's creamy mustard. It is fantastic! You can smell the balsamic vinegar when you open the bottle. It goes so good with whole wheat bread and the deli meat. I can't believe how good mustard can taste. I could eat the mustard by itself.

It's real mustard: 0 calories, and you can pronounce everything in the ingredients (which there isn't much to). How great is that?!

Here's what the front of the bottle looks like...

My "before the gym" fuel was 1/3 of a Power Bar. These have a lot of calories in them, so I eat a little at a time. I had the chocolate flavor. Man, was it good. I remember when I was a little kid, my other brother would always bring home Power Bars. I would eat them because my older brother brought them home, but man did I hate how they tasted! I guess my tastebuds are growing up. This Power Bar is really good.

The snack really helped me fuel for my 4 1/4 mile run today. I was really going....until about mile 3. Stupid me, forgot to use the restroom before hopping on the treadmill. I toughed through it and got it done. It took me a little bit longer than I hoped (45:26) because of that situation. Oh well, the point is that I completed what I needed/wanted to.
After my run, I had my spin class. It was a great workout tonight. I couldn't stop sweating. It just kept pouring off of me. It felt like someone was standing above me with a sprinkler, or something. I loved it!! I was really working tonight. I defiantly didn't waste my time at the gym!
When I got home, I was starving. I fixed up a big salad with mixed greens, olives and fresh tomatoes with Annie's salad dressing. Man, I love that salad dressing. Everything mixed so well together.
After the salad, I waited about 20 minutes, and I was still hungry. I grabbed some dried cherries that were given to me by the great people at Traverse Bay Farms. I love dried cherries. Another one of my many weaknesses. I was strong and didn't eat the entire bag. I love these cherries because there's not much to them. They are cherries with some sugar. Pretty easy. I love being able to recognize everything is a product! I love knowing exactly what I'm eating.

I think tonight is going to end when my hubby gets home from work and we eat a nice bowl of chocolate, coffee, brownie ice cream. Man, all 3 of my favorites in one bowl. I limit myself to how many scoops I can have in one day. I wish I could eat the entire box of ice cream. I miss being young and being able to eat whatever I want and not have any consequences. I can't wait for the ice cream. it takes all my patients to wait until he gets home. Only a few more hours!
What's your favorite ice cream / frozen yogurt? Do you prefer ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato?


  1. I'm definitely an ice cream girl, but I save it for a very special treat!!

    Your eats look great, as always!

    Mmm, I love mustard.

  2. 1/3 of a Powerbar? Seriously? That's like two bites! I don't know how you do it.

  3. I used to vacation near Traverse, always looked forward to cherry season!

  4. My thing is the sour froyo! I love them. I can eat them by the gallons!