Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Run Yet, Thanks to Reed's

This morning, I didn't want to get up. I wanted to stayed in bed and sleep in. I managed to talk myself to get up about 7am. Right when I got up, I headed straight to the fridge. I opened an ice cold Reed's Ginger Energy Elixir. At first, it had a little bite to it. The ginger caught me off guard (I knew it was going to be there, it was just 7am). I finished it and went along with getting ready for my morning run.

What I like about the elixir, is all the natural ingredients. The green tea is the natural caffeine. There isn't any added caffeine. I set up my mp3 and headed out the door about 1/2 hour after the drink. I was starting to feel a lot better about my run. I ran up the hill and onto the main street. I was moving! My legs weren't slowing down. I couldn't move them fast enough.

In my head, I knew I usually didn't run this fast, and usually I'm slowing down going up this hill, but , my legs didn't care. There was one point, where I was running down a hill at 6:58. I never run that fast. I couldn't believe it. I thought my Garmin was messing up. Nope, I was hauling ass! I finished the last part coming down the hill and got up the stairs. I looked at my time and notice 22:00. It has never been that fast on this run. I love it!

When I got up this morning, I didn't have any energy, and now this run is the best I've had! This stuff kicks booty!! I think this my be my Sunday morning drink (and maybe pre-race drink).

When I got back and toweled off, I re-fueled with a Strawberry Greek yogurt with rolled oats and 1/2 a Gatorade bottle. Yummy, yummy! Just what my body needed.

For lunch, I had a PB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread. Nothing special about that. A few hours later I was hungry, again. You may ask, "what's in the red bag?" Let's take a look...

It's a sugar free PB and chocolate chip cookie from one of the best cookie places around (I only ate 1/2)! I went to Kelli's Cookies on my way home from the gym yesterday. I spoke to Kelly herself. She was so kind. She explain that this was sweetened with a sweetener made from corn. She doesn't use anything like Splenda. Yay! No chemicals!! The cookie was so moist and chewy. This is my favorite cookie. I'm glad she's down the street from my place! There may be more stops on the way home???

A little while later, my stomach started talking to me. I tried to argue with it, but it wouldn't listen. I didn't feel like having anything fruit-like, so I opened a box of Annie's Bunny Graham Friends. These are so much better than Teddy graham crackers. These are all natural. This box contained honey, chocolate chip and chocolate grahams.

Look at all the stats on the back. Not too many calories or sugar and NO trans fats. Perfect little snack.

As a pre-dinner (linner), I had a small salad with Annie's Ranch dressing. It goes so well with the fresh tomatoes. This tied me over until dinner.

Dinner was left over Patas Bravas from Friday night and the corn salad. Since I was still in the "non-fruit" mood, I had another cookie. This time, it was Johnny & Fred's white chocolate brownie. They were a little small, for what I was expecting. But, they were so much more moist than I was expecting. Chocolate and brownie, who could go wrong?

Here's are all the stats: A little high on the sugars, but great on the calories.

Great end to a great night. It's finally cooling off here, let's see how long that will last. I need to run more outside, so hopefully we're moving towards fall, I doubt it. I have all the windows open and shows waiting on the DVR.
I'm working on some give aways, but I want to get 50 on my Facebook page first. Start "liking" me there. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
What did you do this weekend? Any races? Or just plain relaxing fun?


  1. Awesome job on the speedy morning run!!

  2. That Reed's sounds like something to try! I Liked you on FB and added you to my favorites page.

  3. Hey, whatever it takes to get better, right? Good job. ;)

  4. what an amazing run!!! i am going to have to check out that drink! keep up the hard, good work! you rock!

  5. hey could you post the nutritional facts on the back of the Reed's drink, please? thanks! and this something i can find at whole foods or trader joes??

  6. YESS! Sub 7! Gotta love those downhills. Way to go on the run!