Monday, August 9, 2010

Uncomfortable & Very Happy

This morning was a standard day. Nothing special. Before I headed to the gym, I made up a new shake that was given to me by some good people at Jay Robb. Silly me, I was too excited (and in a hurry) to take a picture before it was gone. The flavor was orange. I made it just with water. I didn't want the extra calories or juice or milk or anything.

On the package, it didn't say how much liquid to mix the powder with. There was a lot of powder, so I guessed to mix 12 oz. I guessed too much. The flavor was a little weak (my fault). It was mixed well, which was pretty fast and easy to do, it foamed up a lot and didn't go down in the 10 minutes I let it sit. It was good flavor and no chalky taste left behind, like some powders. It was very filling (I'll take a picture the next time I mix the powder).

By the time I got to the gym, I felt like I had so much energy. My mind was in the game. I got on the treadmill, and the next thing I know, 4.25 miles (yes, I did the mileage bump) in 44:23 minutes was over. I was moving. I kept bumping up the speed every 1/2 mile. I was really concentrating on my form and my feet position. It was a great time on the treadmill (how often can I say that?).

Spin was was getting ready to start by the time I got into the class. My head was still into it. I couldn't wait to continue to drip sweat onto the floor.'s slippery around me. Class was great. There was a lot of people in class today, so I was a little crowded. Oh well, the more the merrier! Yoga was next on my schedule. My body was ready for a great, long stretch after a difficult spin class!

We had the loud breather in class, again. Lucky us, he took off his shirt. I haven't seen a single guy without his shirt in the gym. I can see why, no one wants to see it. It's fine outside in the heat, but not inside.

My knees had taken a beating with my upped mileage, spin class and yoga had a lot of leg balancing positions today. When I got home, I immediately applied Pro Emu Lotion. This lotion doesn't smell and it isn't oily. Some lotions out there advertise that they're not smelly, but they have a very slight smell only a sensitive nose can detect. Not this one! It really helped my sore joints. It took just about 20 minutes and I was feeling brand new.

Once I got settled, I opened some packages. I was looking forward to one in particular...Compression Stockings. I slipped those babies right one. (Something else I forgot to take a picture of...Wednesday, I will). They were easier to put on than I heard. I had time to keep them on for about an hour. I had a harder time taking off the socks than putting them on. Afterwards, my legs are feeling so much better. They're not as tight as they were. I can't wait until tomorrow to see how the socks makes my day!
Tonight's dinner was very simple, another PB&J sandwich with tortilla chips. Dessert was some great blueberry Greek yogurt from Oikos. I've only had one other Greek yogurt. Compared to that brand, this is great!! I"m not saying this is a bad yogurt by any means. It is great!! I could eat 6 containers of them. I love the low calorie count in these and 13 grams of protein.
Look at all the yummy things in it! The berries were at the bottom, and the flavor was so good. It tasted like real blueberries. The yogurt was a little thinner than what I am use to.
I can't wait until I have more!

I am pretty tired (Monday's usually kick my butt). I think I will relax with my puppy, kitty and DVR and watch some I Love Lucy. I love older shows, when they were better.
Someone had asked me to post to details on the back of the Ginger's Elixir energy drink. Here you go. Because it is an energy, they don't have to put all the details they do for, say, soda.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?


  1. Sounds like another great run boster! Way to go!

  2. I love the Pomegranite Oikos! Nice job going over four miles!

  3. Compression socks + sleeves have changed my running completely! Love the way they feel and the confidence they give me.

  4. Ooh tell me more about this shake! I'm interested in trying it out!! I love Stonyfield Oiko's brand too. Really yummy Greek yogurt!