Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy Little Bee

Today was a pretty boring day. I had the same mixed cereal, Greek Gods yogurt for my first snack and my cut up apple for my second snack. I had my usual whole wheat 1/2 sandwich for lunch. It was so busy at work, I almost forgot about my lunch until my co-worker asked if I was hungry. As soon as he said something, my stomach started growling. I took a short lunch and went back to my busy day. Time flew by. There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. I'm so behind on the blogs I follow, too.

After work, I got to the gym and started back to my normal workout. I did it a little different than I was before. I started out with my 1/2 hour ab workout. After that, I rowed for 10 minutes, and went straight to the elliptical and finished with that weird leg thing. I was beat after the 1:15 minute workout. But, I still needed to do some grocery shopping. Of course, I had some things on the list where I needed to go to a few different stores. I ended up going to 4 different stores. I didn't get home until 8pm (Tuesdays I'm usually home by 6:30pm). Busy, busy times right now (I love it). I'm even so far behind on my DVR (I told you I'm a TV-aholic).

After unloading the groceries, I was extremely hungry. I started making dinner. I needed something quick and easy. I wasn't in the mood for cereal or PB&J. So, I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I haven't had this is a long time. It was so good! The cheese was all gooey and having trouble trying to stay inside the whole wheat bread. YUM!! With dinner, I finished the Strawberry Paradise drink from yesterday. I went pretty well together.

My neck has been hurting all day today. It hurts to turn and bend my neck. I need to go put some heat on it and relax. I'm pretty tired as well. My hubby will be home soon, too!!

What's your favorite part of the day and why?


  1. Maybe you should change jobs, not good the current one is interfering with your blog reading. I love the early morning, so quiet.

  2. Grilled cheese is my number two favorite ... with some bacon inside mmmmmmm. Number one favorite is macaroni and cheese.

  3. Mmm grilled cheese. I have been craving one of those recently. Might need to get on that. A 1/2-hr core session?! Share! I am always looking for new workouts/routines.

  4. Favorite part of the day - morning coffee. Nothing better.