Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Legs are On Fire

Same stuff this morning and afternoon. Not a special Wednesday for me. I wish it was, I love special days!

Before I headed out to the gym, I finished the last half of my Mojo bar. So yummy!! Sweet and salty at the same time. I love that combo. My taste buds were very happy.

When I got to the gym, I jumped on a treadmill and started running. After I was all settled and running at a good pace, I realized that the girl 2 treadmills to my right was talking super loudly on her cell phone. She was talking about her divorce and what a "scum bag" she married. I can't believe she was having such a personal conversation right in the open. I would be so embarrassed to be her.

To my left, there was this really big guy walking on the treadmill. At first, I was thinking "yeah, he's trying," then I hear him coughing up a lung and trying to clear his throat. Between these 2 annoying people, I had distractions for the first 2miles (1/2 way through my run). I couldn't get my head into it. I had head phones on and they were louder than the Judge Judy I was watching. I just wanted to stop and just relax for a while before my spin class started. But, I didn't let myself. I kept going and managed to run 4 miles in 43:54 minutes. Not too bad for being distracted. I'm happy with the time.

My spin class started 5 minutes after I got off the treadmill. I didn't have anytime to cool down, which was fine. Once again, I was glowing a purple face, oh well. People are getting use to seeing me like that.

The class was GREAT!! The normal instructor was back. People were starting to complain to him about the sub he had for the last 2 weeks. Everyone agreed, that guy wasn't that good. We're just glad to have Joe back. He really made us work. I was sweating bullets. Only 10 minutes into the class, my legs were on fire. I could feel serious heat coming from them. My knees were still a little weak from last nights (and the night before) workout. I needed to power through and keep going. I didn't push myself as hard as I could have. Which is a good thing for my knee. As I walked out of class (50 minutes later), I could still feel the fire that lead me to keep going. What a great feeling!

When I got home, I was pretty hungry. I fixed myself a PB&J sandwich, on whole wheat bread. I paired my sandwich with Annie's Cheddar Bunnies.

I love these things. They taste SO much better than another brand of cheese crackers. I don't feel guilty eating them. They only have 140 calories per 50 crackers with so much flavor. They have the cutest shape and are very filling.

Look at all the good info. on the back. There's no sugar and only .5g of saturated fat. They're made with organic wheat and have 0 grams of trans fat!! They are all natural and they're baked (not fried). One of the best things...the have 0 preservatives! I could eat these everyday, all day. There are other flavors, too (which I will get to in other posts).

I am still full from dinner. I never eat whole sandwiches (I do, but it's pretty rare). A few bottles of water will tied me over until morning. I love breakfast time (except for the getting up part)!!
What is your favorite meal of the day?


  1. Great post! I hate it when people talk on their phones while on the treadmill! I don't know if they don't realize how loud they are or what but it's so annoying! Sounds like you had a great workout though. I'd love to try those cheddar bunnies! I'll have to look for them next time I'm out.
    And, my favorite meal is breakfast!! I could eat breakfast food for all my meals :)

  2. I'm always amazed at your workouts, they just seem to go on and on!

  3. i love EVERY meal of the day :) but if i had to pick a favorite i'd say dinner...i love that it's not as rushed or crazy as breakfast or lunch and it's always different :)

  4. Popped in to say hi! I've got to try these bunnies!

  5. If I opened up those bunnies I probably wouldn't be able to stop eating them!

  6. Nice post I love the food lol. Keep up good post like this one.