Monday, May 16, 2016

Workout updates

On Thursday, I didn't get up before the boys, but I still got my run in, with them. Shane slept through almost the entire run 2.5 miles) and Lars was my chatter box. I loved it all! It made the time pass by quickly.

These two are my world and make me want to set a good, healthy example for them.

In Saturday, a local police station had an open house. There were so many people there and things to do! He met a police dog, got a "badge" and other fun things. One of the free activities the kids could do is workout with a cop (crossfit). His favorite was lifting a 10lbs medicine ball over his head (off course, with help) and slamming in in the mat. 

On Sunday, hubs & Lars did some work in the backyard while Shane and I watched.

This morning, I got in a mini solo run and am planning on doing another 2.5 with the boys after I do some stuff around the house.

How was your weekend spent?

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