Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The quadruple workout

Yesterday was a pretty great day! I got a lot of sweat dripped! It started out with my morning run (already told you about that). Then, while I was waiting for Shane to get hungry, I got in my abs. A little floor time for all three of us. Once Shane ate for the second time, I took the boys out for a little sun (before it got too hot).

Pushing the double stroller is not joke. It's hard, but it makes me a stronger runner, sans stroller.

Once the boys were napping, I was finally able to wash my car. I think I last washed it just after Shane came, so it's been a while. I also had some "extra" time and energy to wax my car. BANG!!! My arm workout for the day. Four workouts in one day & im not too sore/tired this morning.

In fact, I got up early this morning and headed out for a morning run. Boys boys and I have a lot planned for the rest of the week, so I won't be able to get in any double workouts (let alone quadruple).

How are you enjoying the sun?

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