Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spartan Super Finisher!!

Saturday was the BIG day!! Here's the course map for the Spartan Super Race. One of the sucky parts of the day was the huge traffic jam with parking (as expected with anything going sports game or concert). The other thing was that it was pouring down rain. Not a deal for us racers, but for the spectators, especially my hubby with Lars in the stroller. The rain cover tent was ultra small and there wasn't any room for them. Some old lady gave up her spot under the tent, so they could come in and get a little dry. Other than that, it was a great day!!

Here's the course map:

Most photos were taken from my friend Dylan (my team mate's hubby). Like I said, it was a very cold, and wet start. To come up to the start line, you had to jump over a small wall (about 3'or 4' tall). 

Here are me and Kelly during the race. I think this was about 3 miles in. It was just after the monkey bars (which I didn't do well).

Some of the obstacles we had to do were: climb over walls (I think there were 4 vertical walls), which got taller and taller each wall. throw a javelin into a thing of hay, work your way through a rope maze, go through a wall, under a wall and above a wall. I think there were about 3 barb wire crawls (which were my favorite), cross some very smelly water, pull a block of cement up a huge hill (and back down), carry a sand bag the same, monkey bars, rope climb, inverted wall climb, transverse wall, a v shaped climb (up and down), fire jump (to get to the finish line), go under a wall in muddy water, rope climb over a wall and ladder walk down and think a few more. 

Here we are pulling the huge cement block up the huge ass hill. That was so hard!

After carrying a 5 gallon bucket of rocks up and down a huge hill, I stopped to say hi to my support crew.

I made it half way on the transverse wall. I think if it wasn't so slippery, I could have made it. One of the down sides of the mud, but not really). 

Right after I went under the wall in the water (waiting for Kelly).

After changing and trying to get warm with a well deserved beer! best support crew I could ask for!!

Well deserved sticker on my car (next to my 13.1 sticker).

Day after bruises (they look much, much worse now). I love battle wounds!!

Front of the medal

Back of the medal (in case you want to do the trifecta (all 3 races)).

Kelly and I after the race. I loved that they had a fire going to keep racers warm while the fueled. 

Some of the race photos:

Kelly and I after getting help climbing up a huge, very muddy, very slippery hill. We couldn't have done it without this guys help. 

Never too good to get help. 

That's another awesome thing about this race. People were so willing to help you. I had some guys help me get over a few of the walls, help with the cement and up this hill. I would have had to do so many more burpees than I already did. Yes, i had to do many, many burpees. I tried every single obstacle. I'm so proud of myself. I crossed the finish line with a smile on my face. I left everything on the course and enjoyed every single second. I know what I need to train more on (wall climbs mostly) and to get better shoes for this. 

Have you ever done a Spartan Race before? What was your experience? 

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  1. Congratulations - that's a great accomplishment! I've never done one, but I think it would be fun if done with a big group.