Thursday, October 16, 2014

Never Too Busy for a Workout

We had family in town, so getting a workout in was pretty tough. Here are a few pictures of Lars with his cousins having fun:

I wasn't able to get in any runs, but chasing around a 9 month old (he walks while hanging on to one of our fingers), got pretty sweaty. I felt bad for my family having to smell me all week, 

Yesterday, it rained here, finally. This is the first time (this year) that it has felt like fall. I was so happy. I love the rain and the fall weather. My pull up bar is in the dirt (mud yesterday). But, that didn't stop me from doing doing them. 

I can now do 3 sets (5 per set) pull ups. I'm so proud of myself and proving (to me) that I can do this and am getting ready for the Spartan race. I only have less than 1 1/2 weeks until the big race. I'm so nervous. I know I'm going to feel like I have to puke when it comes to race day. Just typing this makes me feel sick. 

How do you feel when a big, and something new, comes around (a new race, first time doing something big)? When I first went snowboarding (when i was a kid), I got a little sick. I know this will happen on race day.

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