Monday, September 10, 2012

You Know It's Love...

You know it's love when your husband tries to help out around the house. One of the things he does for you (while you're gone) is clean you hand held. I had never cleaned it (I've had it over two years) and he got all the gross hand marks around the pocket area and the chapstick goobers off the top. 

I'm a lucky girl! It's so clean now!

Tonight, I get to go to ripped class (I haven't been to that class in a couple of weeks). I've been mia all over the place. It's been such a crazy week at work and even crazier at home. I am a graphic designer and I design a lot of soccer team's logos for their banners, shirts, etc. And, right now, it's the beginning of youth soccer season. I love every minute of it, but man I can't wait to get back to "normal"!

Now, things have calmed down, so I should be able to workout more and blog more. 
I've missed the gym so much (and, of course, you guys)!!!

How does your loved ones show their love for you (it could be you mom, son, girlfriend, cousin, anyone)?


  1. Awe, that's true love right there. I just found your blog, I look forward to catching up. I heart eating out love handles? Not so much. :) Jessica