Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before vs. After

Let me know which looks better...


or After

This is what we've been working so hard on all week. We finally finished our rock wall and are enjoying it very much!!

I think my favorite plant in there is the jasmine. It just relaxes me every time I smell it. 

It's just like the yoga class I take on Tuesdays (and I took last night). Every time I walked into class, it just calms me so much. Jasmine and relaxing medicine ever!! It would be nice to see how it is after a yoga class and while you're finishing up, you put a towel spritzed with jasmine spray. I had an instructor that sprayed her towels (that you lay over your eyes while you're laying down) with lavender. It was nice too, but I prefer jasmine.

What smells do you prefer? Which looks better, before or after?


  1. oh wow, it looks amazing! I'm going to start planning out my garden today. We are staying with my parents while our stuff is stranded in Japan (ship broke down on the way back from Korea), and my mom said I can claim a chunk of yard to be mine... I want to make a nice little garden area so I can grow some veggies and have some pretty plants to look at while I do yoga and meditate outside. :)

  2. You guys did a fantastic job and it is beautiful! Be sure to protect those cactus plants if the temps should drop to low some winter night