Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gone Running

So, this is day one of upping my mileage. As you may remember, from yesterday's post, I was talking about running in only my sports bra today. Well, it was only in the low 80's, so, not warm enough to do so. That was close! But, for real, I will try that out as soon as it gets back in the upper 90's (which should be later this week). 

I had a friend join me for my run today. I got off of work early and snuck in a mile before meeting up. We ran 3.52 miles together, so I totaled 4.62 miles for the day. Yay!! I think this may have been my highest mileage since my 10 miler a few months ago. It felt great! We're going to do all this again tomorrow. 

My legs are feeling pretty good, especially after my killer workout yesterday. I warmed up with 10 minutes on the stairs, 3 miles of sprints at 9.5 (nope, I didn't break the machine, again), leg weights and ended my night with a 60 minute ripped class. I've found that the only diamonds this girl hates are in the form of push ups. I think we probably did 75  of them. Crazy stuff!! I already feel stronger, though. 

I need to find a 5k, I'm going to run one in under 30 minutes. As long as I see 29:59 or less, I'll be happy. This is my new goal. I'll probably race sometime near the end of the year (lots of happy personal stuff going on that I'll tell you about as they happen). So, training begins in a week.

What are your goals?


  1. Great to hear you're feeling stronger! My goal this year is to do a sub 2 hour half. Hoping!

  2. Nice job on the longer run! Keep it up!