Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 Years Later...

7 years ago tonight, I married the man of my dreams, my best friend. We have been through a lot together and I wouldn't change a thing!

7 years later and we're happier than ever!! I can't wait until we're really old and showing our great great great grand kids these photos (ok, maybe not so many greats). 

Enough of the sappy stuff, I am continuing to train for my "fast" 5k later this year. It was about 81 degrees and  a little breezy...the prefect summer afternoon running weather. When I looked down at my watch, this is what I saw...

You may think it's a re-used picture, but it's not. It's a completely different photo than last week, even though I finished at the same exact time, to the second. Crazy stuff.

I was surprised how well I did last night, my legs were so tired from the hike this weekend

Have you ever finished a race or a run at exactly the same time as one before?