Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Run, Run, Run All Day Long

This morning was a normal day. I ate my usual stuff. I am now allowing myself to drink coffee in the mornings. I need those extra calories, and I love coffee. So, I'm more energized and and ready to go for the day. I don't put as much creamer as I usually do, so it's a little better for me.

I left work and went to the gym. It's so good to be back to normal. I feel like I took so much time off from the gym, when it was only one day. How funny how those things feel. It felt so good to run my usual 4 1/4 miles (not really all day long). I wanted to run more, but my spin class was starting. It was so nice to make my legs moving that fast.

In my spin class, a lot of new people joined us. Usually, there are a set of about 20 people that spin every Wednesday. We had about 10 new people today. It's so neat to see how people start. I was once there. It reminds my of my progress. I've came so far. Our instructors call us "usuals" veterans. It's pretty cool that I'm a veteran at something.

After I got home, I heated up my left over dinner from last night. I really love the mini meatball sandwiches. They are so good and carry so much flavor. Hubby had a few when he got home last night. He loved them.

I watched a few shows on the dvr, and then made a snack for later on this weekend. I made Peanutella Balls. They are so easy to make, you don't bake them, so you don't heat up the house and they are yummy!! I added some chopped almonds to the mix. It did make about 16 balls. Not often, do the recipes I try actually make the correct amount. This one did.

They are sitting in my fridge getting ready for me to snack on. I can't wait. I tried these before they went in the fridge. This was the first time I have eaten Nutella. I love it. Wait a minute, I take that back, I had some in a crepe in Paris a couple years back. It was so yummy!!

I have decided that once a month, I will make a dinner and dessert from another country. This month, I'm starting easy and going French. I'm making this meal this Saturday. I am making chicken crepes and French style green beans. For dessert, I will fix Nutella and banana crepes (our favorite). I can't wait. I'm so excited!!

What's you favorite French food?


  1. Think you could come out to the blogger breakfast??

  2. French? Crepes, croissants (pretty much all of the french breads/pastries), cheese, and wine, of course!

  3. Nutella is awesome, just too bad we can only get the little packages here in the US.

  4. Oh my gosh--I would INHALE those! Way to yummy sounding.

  5. It doesn't take long to feel out of the routine, does it?

    Those little balls look TASTY *and* I happen to have all of the ingredients at home. Yay!

  6. Those sound so good! I printed the recipe to try them out myself. I have never had nutella, but I've heard it is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!