Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lots of Recipes

Today was nothing special. My legs were pretty sore and tight from yesterdays run. I decided to sleep in and take it easy on my legs. I have been cleaning the house and organizing my desk. I've been keeping very busy and have been getting things done that have been on my list for too many months. Today's post will be about the yummy goodies I've made this weekend.

One Friday, I made a double batch of the Peanutella balls. I've been using Naturally More's PB with flax seed. They are so yummy!! I love this PB, it has great texture.

On Friday, I also made some cinnamon bread. I've never made this from scratch before. I was a little nervous. It's seems that whenever I try to roll something, it never turns out. Here's the dough after it has risen once, and is getting ready to rise once more, before hopping into the oven.

Fresh out of the oven. I love the swirl pattern. Next time, I will use more cinnamon.

The swirls aren't as bright as I think they should be. The cinnamon flavor wasn't very strong for this cinnamon bread.

On Saturday, I made our French dinner. I my hubby make the actual crepes. I made the batter and had him cook them. I can't even flip a pancake. A few of them didn't turn out the way they should have. I think we poured too much batter on for each crepe. With the amount we poured, didn't make as many as it should have.

Here's the batter.

The dinner, I made chicken crepes with a creamy mushrooms sauce. The sauce was pretty good!

Hot, out of the oven, ready to be eaten.

So, for dinner, we had chicken crepes, green beans and some wine. It was a good night!

Since, the crepe recipe didn't make as many crepes as I needed, we used the messed up crepes, and mixed in some nutella and sliced bananas. It was ok. In Paris, they make it MUCH better.

Next month, I am making Japanese food for our international dinner. I'm pretty excited, because my hubby use to live in Japan for a few years. I want him to compare the taste from mine to the real thing. I can't wait!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!
Do you ever made any special dishes? What are you favorite recipes?


  1. wow! Everything looks so incredibly yummy. You are truly adventurous in the kitchen.

  2. Did you get my e-mail address?



  3. I love Naturally More! It's my favorite PB! I'd love to try to make cinnamon bread. It looks great. You are such an inspiration with good food! I've recently been more experimental in the kitchen. My hubby and I made a spicy vegetarian chili this weekend and it was soooo good. It could have been a little less spicy though :)

  4. Okay, I am offically hungry now! Those recipes look fantastic! Mmmm, mushroom favorite!

  5. Mmm crepes, so yummy. I could eat nutella and bananas for days on end.

  6. That cinnamon bread looks soooo yummy! And crepes are one of my favorites! Lucky you!! :)