Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rest is Almost Here...

This morning, I had my normal mixed cereal. My pre-lunch time snack was unexpected. My boss brought in blueberry/blackberry cobbler. This combo is better than just plain blackberry cobble. The blueberries gave it an awesome kick. The 1 pm snack was Voskos Greek yogurt mixed with rolled oats, dried cherries, and Uncle Sams cereal. I've learned my lesson, not to mix everything together the night before. It would have been good if everything wasn't soggy.

I had my standard lunch with the creamy mustard. Then, I inhaled 1/3 of my chocolate Power Bar before heading to the gym. Yesterday, I learned to eat the Power Bar 45 minutes before the gym, verses only 30 minutes. There weren't any upset tummy problems, like yesterday!!

At the gym, I was caught off guard by how empty the place was. It looked like it was a Sunday morning or something. Oh well, that meant that I got my pick of treadmills. I ran 4.25 miles at an easy pace (45:28). It was a nice pace, and there were no troubles. When I got home, I was pretty hungry. Since I came home with some pretty big (1/2 lbs.) tomatoes, I decided that I was going to have some stuffed tomatoes.

I combined the guts of 1 tomato, parm. cheese, a little zucchini, some sliced black olives, cooked chicken and cooked brown rice.

I added the mixture into the tomatoes and topped them with a little olive oil. I baked at 350 for 25 minutes. I let them cool off for about 15 minutes, so I could eat (and not burn myself). There was extra stuffing, so I ate that plain, while I was waiting for the tomatoes to finish baking. Very tasty just plain.

Dessert was a small heart from Sacred Chocolates. It was so good, I couldn't stop and eat only a few bites. I ended up eating it all. Oh was really good. How can anyone turn down chocolate?? I can't.

I am pretty exhausted, so I'm going to go to bed soon. Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy at work, so I will need my rest. I know it will go by very fast. When I get home, I will be attempting to make home made freezer blackberry jam. It will be interesting. This weekend should be fun, I have lots of plans (that I will fill in as the weekend progresses).
Just a reminder, as soon as I receive 50 "fans" on facebook, I will have an awesome giveaway. I hope to have that's burning a hole in my pocket.