Thursday, July 14, 2016

Keep Running

I've mentioned this in other posts. My days are so busy and so much fun.

These guys are the best things that have ever happened to me (and my hubby). My goal is to make each day as fun and exciting as I can. That doesn't always mean to be out of the house and make them run all over the place. Sometimes, it's watching a movie on a hot day and eating ice cream as they play in the little kid pool in the backyard. 

I use to blog when Shane would nurse. Now that he only eats three times a day from me and only for about 5 minutes each time (otherwise, I;m on the move), I'm a very busy mom of 2 boys under 3. I'm loving every single second (even the potty training seconds that will start this weekend). 

My life is getting busier and busier as Shane eats less and runs around with Lars more (he's getting very close to doing that in his own). I'm going to take a break from my blog, for now. I will be still posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow me there and stay up to date on my body after baby, workouts, the boys and my food!!