Wednesday, August 19, 2015

33 weeks & still sweating

I am 33 weeks along with my second son. I'm not running too much, but I have had a ton of energy lately. I mostly use that energy to get things done before the baby arrives (before I run out of that energy).

I've been using this time to detail the car, move Lars' car seat over, prep dinners to freeze & other things like that. 

Lars is still involved in activites: gymnastics & a weekly outside play group. The gymnastics really tires me out! I think I need a nap more than Lars does afterwards.

How I've been working out is really all indoors. I'm such a baby with the heat during this pregnancy. I do a lot of leg exercises. While I do these (squats, fire hydrant leg lifts, ect), Lars practices his balance (well, kind of). 

He still does squats with me, but he didn't want his picture taken for that. 

Do you have a workout buddy? 

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