Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great Buys for a Child's Christmas

Since this is Lars' first Christmas, I like to look for great finds!! One site I'm in complete love with is Uncommon Goods. They sent Lars some adorable slippers! They're little puppies (Lars' favorite animal).

They have super grippies on the bottom, keep his feet nice and cozy and warm, and they actually stay on his feet. The only thing about little kids is that their feet grow crazy fast! I already need the next size.

They have so much more than just kids stuff: stuff for your kitchen, women, men, sports stuff. You name it, they've got it!

Lars loves to read. He loves the big red guy that's coming to town next week. Jay Dee was so nice to send me a book that he wrote. The book is called The Night Before the Night before Christmas.

This book has a cute story and wonderful illustrations. At Lars' age, illustrations are very important. They kept his attention the entire time!

Another thing Uncommon Goods sent me (Lars), was some rainbow sound blocks. He is obsessed with wooden objects that make sounds. It came with 2 rectangles, 2 circles (his favorite shape) and 2 squares. They all have different sounds and all different colors. 

He loves looking through the lenses ans seeing things in different colors. He can now hold it up to his eyes himself. He walks (mostly runs) around the house with the circles in his hands and shakes them as he goes up and down the hallway.

These items were sent to me to review. These are my very honest opinions of these products and Lars really does love them. A little boy can't lie. 

Let me know if you have any questions about what I've posted or if you'd like your product reviewed by me or Lars. 

What are you buying your kid(s)?

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