Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love the Wind in My Hair

This morning was the same thing. I was pretty busy at work and it was a co-workers birthday. We always celebrate birthdays at work. So, I had to join in on the festivities (aka food) just to make him happy. The boss made salsa and brought chips. And, they also picked up some KFC chicken wings. Hey, chicken it good for you, right? I was good and only had 1 piece. Instead of a cake, he got a candle in one of the wings.

I was so full from the good food all day, I didn't have lunch. Before heading out of work, I ate the other 1/2 of my energy bar. I didn't think it helped yesterday, but I think it really helped today. My goal was to run 5 miles. I didn't care the speed (because of my feet), I just wanted to finish. When 5 miles came around, I wanted to do more. Next step 5 1/4 miles, still feeling good and moved on top 5 1/2 miles (59:49, my longest run to date). I wanted to do more, but I had some errands to do after the gym. It felt so good to run. My feet did hurt a little, but nothing like last week.

When I was driving to the grocery store, I had all my windows down. I love it after a good, long run and the wind is cooling off all the sweat. It felt so good. I think that may be one of the things I love after a good, hard workout. It shows me all my hard work. Did I already say that the wind felt good running through my sweaty hair??

After the grocery store, I needed to pick some things up at the pet store. By the time I finally got home, I was starving and I still needed to put the food away. I wasn't in the mood to make the brown rice from yesterday (at least 30 minutes). So, I had my Greek Gods strawberry yogurt and Rudi's toast with PB on it. I washed everything down with about 4 oz. of non fat milk (small amount because I'm not a fan of milk by itself). That hit the spot.

I'm currently sitting here typing while relaxing my legs in my compression socks. My legs are feeling better as I type! I'm still pretty smelly. I haven't had a chance to take a shower yet. I need to wash all this salt off. I can feel it as I rub my face. I think if I were to lay in a bath, I would make salt water (un-drinkable kind). Yuck!

To answer come questions: I didn't have to mash the apples in the crock pot. I just stirred them when ever I went into the kitchen. I have also made this while I was away (no stirring). Either way works.
Racing Dawn: can you please email that pot pie recipe? It sounds good!


  1. LOL - that candle picture made me laugh. I'm not sure if that is awesome or if it is sad. Probably the latter......

    I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who blogs while not showered.

  2. I think I am in a rare group of people who don't like KFC lol. Give me cake any day! It is hard to turn down snacks/food at work, but at least you didn't binge!

  3. Way to go on the extra long run! Maybe it was the KFC. ;)