Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Relaxing Day

This morning I was going to go out to run 5 miles. Our new kittens kept waking us up every hour. I was pretty much wide awake each time. By the time my alarm went off at 7:30 (only 3 hours after going to sleep), I couldn't force myself out of bed if my house was on fire. I was so tired.

So, I let myself sleep in (still getting woken up every hour) until 10:30. I got up and made our Jim's Organic Coffee . I had a cup along with a banana crunch muffin (I'll include recipes tomorrow). It was nice to relax for a few, before I had to get ready to go to my parents for a BBQ.

We weren't able to stay long (I had to take my hubby home to go to work), but we had some great food while we were there. I had some potato salad, and chicken. It was all pretty good food.

Such yummy chicken with a great sauce!

Dinner was some more good food (about 6 hours later). I opened a bag of Seeds of Change rice that they were kind enough to send me.

The rice had a lot of flavor and a great smell. It was very good and super filling. I paired the rice along with some ground turkey sausage and green beans. What a great dinner!

Dessert was a few hours later. I had vanilla ice cream with some chocolate syrup and a tablespoon of PB. What a good treat for myself.

I know I haven't been eating very well this weekend, but I will get back on track on Tuesday. I don't have anything too bad planned for food tomorrow. So, it should be kind of healthy.
Anything good foods at your BBQ's?


  1. Your kittens are way worse than our newborn! Hope it gets better. Happy Labor Day!

  2. that rice looks mighty tasty!!

  3. I love all the foods!!!! Always seems like the US has MUCH better food choices then us here in Canada.... that seeds of change label looks great!!!

    Hubby makes a mean cajun chicken bbque..couple tbsp's of cajun spice, couple TBSP of olive oil and accouple tbsp of water, marinate a few hours and grill!

  4. Did I miss pictures of the new babies?
    That vanilla ice cream looks *so* white! ;)