Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a Horrible Evening!!

Just to give you a heads up, I'm not in a very good mood (I will explain in a few), so this post will be fairly short. I'll have something better tomorrow.

The day started out good. I ate my usual things (I did have carrots as one of my snacks) and work was super busy. I did find that my Garmin wouldn't come on. I even checked it last night, to make sure I could run with it today. No go, I tried charging it again and nothing. It's still under warranty, so I just have to make some calls, I guess.

I was such a nice day outside, I was finally able to run outside after work (I'm usually inside trying to escape the 100+ heat). I had the same protein bar I had yesterday, so I thought everything would be good to go. I was running around the local park and wanted to run 5 miles. That meant that I needed to run around the park twice and add 1/2 mile somewhere in there. I found this semi long street to run up/down. About 3 1/2 miles into my run, my feet started hurting like hell. They were so painful, it felt like I should have a sock full of blood. I did feel better to walk. The last miles, I did some speed walking. I would try to run every once in a while, but the pain was too much for me (it even brought a tear to my eye).

I was able to finish the full 5 miles, but it took me an extra 20 minutes. This was not a good start to my night. All I wanted to do was go home and relax in front of the tv and play with the kittens. I turned on the tv and got settled. The speakers to the tv wouldn't work. I tried all the connections that I could reach, and no luck. I think one of the kittens un-hooked something that I can't see or reach. I can still watch it with headphones and on the floor. Oh well.

I relaxed for a while and then hopped in the warm shower. Just what I needed. I made a PB&J sandwich with Krema's PB and home made blackberry jelly on Rudi's bread. What a great sandwich.

A nice way to end the night is to watch the little ones play and tire themselves out!! How can you stay mad (at your self) with these little faces??

Has anyone ever had this problem with their feet before? This is the first time they've hurt this bad.


  1. BLEH. That really sucks about your feet. I've heard of that before too but have never had it happen to me. I really hope it was a fluke thing and the next time it is much better!!

    Remember, we have to have the bad runs to remind us of how good the good ones are.

  2. I'm so sorry about your feet. I've had days when they just cramped up but never to the point where I felt like they might become bloody. ::hugs:: I know when my feet cramp that I didn't hydrate enough.

    And I'm also terribly sorry to hear about your Garmin. ::hugs:: I'm sorry for showing off Mr. Clean Green Garmin like that when here you are missing yours.