Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Another Monday

My day didn't get interesting until I left work. I headed to the gym and go straight on the treadmill for my usual 4.25 miles. The run felt good, and Judge Judy was very entertaining today. The miles just flew by.

My spin instructor was out today, so we had a sub. I had her before, but she's not the same as our normal instructor. Oh well. I worked up a good sweat, but not as much as a normal Monday.

Yoga was another good hour long stretch. I felt very relaxed and energized afterwards. When I got home, I fixed a quesadilla for dinner. I added some chopped / cooked turkey sausage and mushrooms. It was very tasty!

The final product!

I was still hungry, though. So, I toasted up a whole wheat piece of bread and topped is with some butter and home made preserves. That hit the spot. I guess I needed a little sweetness.

I was still feeling energized, so I made some brownies. I wanted to make them yesterday, but I ran out of time. I got this recipe from the Brown Eyed Bakers blog. I've tried several things from this site and have loved them all! I haven't tried these yet, they just came out of the oven. I know I'll have to sneak one before bed. I have a weakness for brownies (especially when I add chocolate chips to the batter)!

Yet again, I still haven't had time to shower before blogging. Oh well, it's not like you guys can smell me through your computers. Thank you so much for your advice on the socks and running at night! It really does help!
I will follow the pack and describe my day (it may not be interesting, sorry):
6:50am: hit snooze on alarm
7:15: get up and wrangle kittens for their meds
7:25: get ready for work (eat, makeup. get dressed, and gather misc. items to take to work)
8:15-4:45pm: work
4:45pm: leave for the gym
5:00: start work out (see individual days for exact workout)
8:00pm: leave gym to go home
8:20: arrive at home and say hi to the animals (play with them and love on them)
8:35: fix dinner (I try to always have it pre-made for Mondays) and watch a show
9:25: shower
9:45: get cleaned up (dressed, etc)
10:00pm: get gym bag ready for next day, fix lunch for next day
10:30:blog (and catch up on today's blogs)
11:30: relax on couch watching shows until hubby gets home
12:15am: hubby arrives home and we talk
12:45: wash dishes (while hubby showers), feed animals
1:00am: watch shows (aka catch up on dvr)
2:00am: fall asleep on couch
4:00am: hubby wakes me up and we go to bed
6:50am: start day all over again
This is my average Monday schedule. Tonight was a little different because I had more energy to make the brownies. That's why I'm not showered and I'm just now blogging at 10:50pm. Well, It's time to shower and get this stink off of me. Don't forget to vote on my poll.


  1. Not a lot of sleep, I need 7 hours or so to feel really good.

  2. Fun to see how your day plays out! I go to bed sooo much earlier than you. :)

    Awesome Monday workotu & eats!! Yummers!

  3. Busy! How do you do it?
    Yum, that quesadilla looks delicious!

  4. WHOAZA!!! You only get that much sleep!? that is crazy. I'm totally dragging right now after a few weeks of only 5 hours.