Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday!!

Another ordinary day. Super busy at work, but managed to take a short lunch (so I could leave early). I ate my 1/2 whole wheat sandwich (from Rudi's) and it was delicious! I love this bread. It was honey sweet flavor. So good!

By the time I got home, I had baking on my mind. I needed a snack until it was dinner time. I munched on Clif Bar's new crunch bar. It was chocolate chip flavor. I can't get enough of these. They were so kind to send these to me. There are 2 bars in each package. For both of them, there are only 160 calories. That works perfect for a snack for me. If I need to, I can only eat one. It's prefect!

I'll give more details tomorrow on exactly what I baked. I baked some banana nut cookies, and some banana nut crunch muffins (this isn't even 1/4 of what I baked here)...

I also baked banana nut cake.

Can you tell I was cleaning out my freezer full of bad bananas. They are prefect for this type of thing. Here is my baking mess. I was baking one thing right after another. I will be set for my snacks for this long weekend. I'm glad my hubby likes my baking!

Don't worry, the mess is all cleaned up. I had a lot more planned to bake. As soon as I finished baking these 3 things, I sat down to dinner. I made burritos with Stacey's tortillas. It was so good. I love home made burritos, beats store bought or restaurant any day.
Once I finished stuffing my face, I was thinking about all the baked goods there are. I also planned to make banana nut biscotti and banana granola bars. I will be bringing in some stuff to work on Tuesday, but his is a lot of food. I think I'll wait to bake the rest until another long weekend. I will be getting some in a few months.
Kitten count down: 13 1/2 hours!! I'm so excited. I think I'm too tired to be overly excited, though.
Did any of you do any baking for this weekend? (Or am I the only crazy one?)


  1. We recently tried the White Chocolate Macadamia crunch bars - super yummy and super sweet!

  2. I made my homemade protein so good after a long run!!

    Off to get 9 miles in....have a great weekend!

  3. that is a lot of baking!! i love banana-baked-goodies, but no nuts here sadly. i love baking, but i can't do it often... baked goods don't last long, no self control!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of the crunchy bars, but I might have to try one of these.