Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby & Another Giveaway

Today was an ordinary day at work, I ate the same things. I left work early (as planned) to spend some extra time with the hubs since it was his birthday and he had the day (actually night) off. We just sat around and talked, and he opened some birthday presents (which he still has one more to open).

He got to choose if he wanted me to make a special dinner or if we went out. Since we never go out, he decided that we would. He got to choose where we went. He chose our favorite hamburger place, the Habit. We had our usual, hamburger and fries. I must have been hungry, because I am never able to finish the entire thing, and I did. I feel like a pig, but it was so good!!

On Sunday, I made the hubs an ice cream cake. I usually buy it, but decided to make it myself. I made 2 chocolate cakes with his favorite cream (baskin robins PB & chocolate) with home made PB frosting. Can you tell what his favorite combination is?

Here it is with one cake and the ice cream. I left the ice cream out too long and it was too runny. I will learn for next year!

Finished product straight from the freezer. Yes, it turned out pretty tasty (that's why it's half way gone). Yummy, yummy!

We're too full from the burgers, so I don't think we're going to have any dessert tonight. We're going to watch a movie (Hot Tub Time Machine), something he's been wanting to watch and I've been trying to put off.
Please keep answering my poll question. Love all the responses. Thanks so much for the advice on the shoes. Very appreciated. If anyone else has more advice, feel free to leave comments.
As promised...the reason why you're reading my blog...the giveaway. ROAD ID (if you couldn't get that from my poll).
Mandatory (leave a comment for each):
-Become a follower
-Become a fan on Facebook
-Visit Road ID's website and tell me which color you would choose
-Tell me the "saying" you would engrave
You have until October 8th to reply to this post (only) and one winner will be chosen to win the code for a free Road ID. Good luck everyone!!


  1. I would choose a standard black Road ID.

  2. My saying would be: Suck it up Princess

  3. I am a follower...and that burger looks absolutely delicious!

  4. I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't own a Road ID, and I really want one! I looked at the site, and I would absolutely love to have a Road ID Elite...in blue!

  5. The saying I would engrave, would be "Rejoice, We Conquer." It's what Phidippides said when he ran the first marathon. I love that saying!

  6. I love how so many of your posts start with an ordinary day at work and then something cool happens.

  7. Happy Birthday Hubby! Wow, nice job on that cake!!

    I'm a follower!

  8. I think a good burger and fries is up there among my favorite meals. Yummy cake too! Don't enter me, I'll give someone else a chance to win.

  9. It's a toss up between purple and blue - but probably purple... :)

  10. I would love the RoadID Elite in green!

  11. Oh crap, I about missed this! Lets see.... I follow

  12. I'm boring, I'd just take black

  13. I'd have "do it for those who can't" engraved

  14. i am a blog follower! possibly bordering on stalker...


    or maybe...

    i EAT HILLS for breakfast.