Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Laid Back Sunday

This morning was another relaxing morning (because I'm still letting my feet heal for tomorrow). I woke up and started the coffee. I wanted to make pancakes for breakfast. I was sent Batter Blaster to try out. It's basically a can, like the can for whipped cream. You shake it and squirt it over your frying pan (for either pancakes or waffles).

The pancakes getting ready to be eaten.

Add some butter and warmed maple syrup to make the perfect pancakes.

The flavor was ok, it had an odd tang to it. I'm not sure what that was about. This wasn't something I could eat often. I think it a one time thing. My taste buds are pretty picky and didn't agree with these pancakes.
Lunch was another PB&J sandwich with some chips and water (water is with most meals).
I invited my dad to come over and play with the kittens (since he hadn't seen them yet). We ended up going out to a burger for dinner. I had a nice visit with him. We haven't gone out, just the 2 of use, in years. I can't even think when the last time was. It was a great visit!! No dessert for me. I'm stuffed.
I'm back to my regular workout tomorrow. and I can't wait to be sweating again!!

Any fun activities this weekend?


  1. Thanks for the review on the blasters! Ive seen them a trillion times and have always wondered about em :P What a nice day with your dad! Thats always cool when you do things you havnt done in forever :)

  2. We had a GREAT weekend for our anniversary... I just posted all about it!

    Mmmm, pancakes are the best weekend breakie!

  3. That would be perfect for camping! Bummer about the odd tang - maybe the metal can?

  4. Hmmm, never seen the blaster and it's good to know NOT to pick it up if I see it. They look really good though!

    Read through your last post and I've never thought to put black beans in pasta, but that looks really delish. I'll have to try it the next time I whip up some pasta (which is at least once a week!).

  5. I have never seen that Butter Blaster thing before...but it's a great concept as I HATE my kid's "stuff" in my butter (bread crumbs and peanut butter...errr). Sorry it wasn't that exciting :(.