Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great 5 1/2 Miles Run!

I was so excited this morning for my long run. I woke up just a few seconds before my alarm went off. I set it for 6:50 this morning. I had 1/2 Power Bar and some water before heading out the door. I finished getting ready and drove to a local park (about 5 minutes away). I was freezing and wasn't sure if I should wear something on top of my tank top. I do get hot so easily and sweat badly! I decided to go without.

I kept my run at a slow pace (11:30) and wanted to keep it that way. I have a tendency to go out fast and end up walking. I need to train myself not to do that. I was proud of my pace! I ran into so many people walking their dogs and only a handful of runners. It was the opposite of what I was expecting. My last 5 1/2 miler, I ran it in 59:49. Today, I ran it in 1:02. Only a few minutes slower than my last pace. I can't wait to run this again (and outside). I love this park.

It was awesome having my run finished, showered and cleaned the kitchen and ate breakfast all before 9am. I felt like I got so much done before I normally do.

For breakfast, I fixed whole wheat pancakes and topped it with some home made preserves and light syrup. I paired this with 2 cups of coffee. So yummy!!

I was starving all day. I ate a banana about 12pm and had an opened face PB&J sandwich with some chips about 2pm. I ate left over pizza for dinner about 6:30 and splurged with an ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip ice cream) for dessert. One of my favorite ice creams!

I've been drinking some apple juice this evening to quench my thirst, since I'm tired of water. I usually drink about 3 pints of water on Mondays, so I need a slight change today.

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Question: When it gets dark and you can only run outside at night (dark), do you opt to hit the treadmill or brave the streets? I don't have anyone local to run with and I'm not sure what to do when the time changes.


  1. If you do run at night, try to stick to familiar routes, and change your routes/running time up so it's not predictable (for safety reasons). Also, wear a reflective vest!

  2. I brave the streets, just can't handle the treadmill. But I do run through areas that cars have no access, if that makes sense, like the marina or the beaches (where lit). But I rarely, rarely run at night, because I'm a trail runner mostly -- and I don't dare hit the trails at night.

    The pancakes look yummy.

  3. Great run!

    If it's still nice out (i.e. no snow) then I will run outside still. I will try to stay in the neighborhood that has street lights and I'll wear my new reflective vest.

  4. Great job on the run!
    I get to have pancakes tomorrow morning - right outside Disneyland. I can hardly wait. ;)

  5. I ususally run in the dark, because it's early in the morning. I treadmill only if the weather is too extreme. Just make sure you are visible and assume no one can see you.

  6. Congrats on the run!!! I love the accomlpished feeling of a long run before many have crawled out of bed.

    I hit the streets in the dark. I love the peacefulness!

  7. I mostly treadmill but I do have a headlamp for when I just gotta get outdoors! Just be safe, ok?

  8. Hooray for good runs!! As for winter... I run outside. Sometimes I run at lunch when it is "warmest", plus I can usually get by with just refreshening dice you don't sweat a lot. I may hit the TM from time to time but mostly I'm outside. I am lucky to have lots of neighborhoods nearby to run in so traffic isn't too bad.

  9. So jealous of your garmin.

    I run in the dark, but I'm a guy and no one wants to touch me in my naughty bits. *sigh*