Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Saturday!

I set my alarm for 8am this morning. When I woke up I started the coffee and ate my usual cereal. Off I went to take my car in for normal maintenance. I wanted to get there nice and early, so I could get it back nice and early. When I got done, I came back and relaxed.

I was getting a little hungry, so I had a piece of toast with PB on top. It hit the spot. I think that is my favorite snack right now. A few hours later, we were off to our friends birthday party. We had some yummy food. I enjoyed a hot dog with mustard, fruit and veggies. Yum!!

Dessert was chocolate cake. Now, who could ever turn down chocolate cake? Super Yum!!

When we got home, I watched some shows (trying to stay up with my DVR since premier week has started). A few hours later, I started getting hungry again. I fixed myself an open faced PB&J whole wheat sandwich (with some chips). I swallowed that down with some ice cold water.
Everything is going well with the kittens. Everyone is now friends! No more growling or hissing (only on the first day).

Only 2 more "fans" needed on facebook until you guys get an awesome giveaway! I've posted a new poll. Take a look and vote. I may be looking for some new running shoes and want to know what's popular.
One question: I have a pair of compression socks that are in need of a good washing? Do you wash yours by hand or in the washing machine? Do you put them in the dryer or hang dry (like most running gear)?


  1. your babies are so cute that picture of all 3 is so cute

  2. I throw my comp socks in the wash but usually hang to dry. They are holding up just fine after months of regular washes.

  3. Mmmm cake!!

    I wash mine in the machine but hang them to dry.

    I wear Brooks.