Thursday, October 18, 2012

Push Like you Just Started & Soup

Last night was a very crazy night. It started with me heading out into 90 degree sunny, but a little breezing heat to run my 5k. I'm just happy I didn't overheat (like I did in the beginning of the week, when it was cooler). I saw something interesting: an older man in speedos watering his front lawn. It wasn't too hot today (not that it's ever hot enough for speedos in the front yard).

As soon as I finished up outside, I headed over to the gym (about a 10 minute drive) to get ready for my spin class. I love this spin class and I haven't been to it in a super long time (I can't even remember how long it's been). 

Joe (the instructor) kept telling us to "push like we just started the class". That was so hard, because I had been working out for almost 2 hours now. WOW! What a work out that was! I'm a little tight this morning and I didn't want to get out of bed, but I have to make some money (I know, I have such a hard life). This is what I looked like after my sweatastic workout:

By the time I watered the lawn, showered and got things ready for the rest of the week, it had cooled off a lot. So, it was time for dinner...potato and leek soup. I'm really strange when I find it appropriate to eat soup: It must be cold (or I have to be sick) and it must either be cloudy or dark outside. I don't know why, but these are my rules. It was chilly and dark outside, so I could eat my soup. 

The funny thing is that when I went to the store to buy all the ingredients for this recipe, I forgot what leeks looked like (it was a long day Friday), and I accidentally bought bok choy. I've made this recipe before, so I know what the soup was suppose to look like and taste like. I also know that leeks and bok choy look nothing alike, but oh well! It still looked the same and the potatoes override the taste, so you can't even taste the bok choy (or leeks). It's good either way (and fairly healthy). 

Do you ever buy the wrong ingredients when shopping for a certain recipe? What's the weather like where you live? When you workout, do you stick to one location, or do you change it up (in one workout session)?

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