Monday, October 22, 2012

Ecco Biom Running Shoe Review

I'm not sure if you guys noticed something different about me. I have a new pair of shoes! The nice people at Ecco sent these awesome Biom shoes for me to try out. I've been needing a new pair of running shoes, just hadn't had the time to go out and look. These came at the perfect time!

I've been running around in these for the last couple of weeks. I wanted to make sure I fully tested them out before reviewing them for you guys!

The biggest thing that I love about these shoes is how light they are. It feels like I'm walking on water (or how I imagine it because I've obviously never walked on water before). They fit my foot perfectly! It's like it molded to my foot or something. 

I love the color.

The really like to grip on the sole of the shoe

I'm weird, this is the thing I don't like. I don't like how the shoe looks from the side part (on the right foot, it would be the left side of the shoe and the left foot, the right side of the shoe). But, with how comfy these are while I'm running, it's ok. 

I love the gray/purple colors together. They fit nicely and allow me to run with ease. I can't feel the ground while running. It really feels like I'm running on a chunk of foam (that's how good the cushion is). That's how comfy they are. 

What are some must haves when you're shopping for the perfect shoe? What brand(s) do you own?

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