Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best Running Week So Far

All week, I have been running outside and loving every minute!!! I
I've been running after work (about 5). I'm so use to it being blazing hot and dreading the heavy breeze. Well, this week, it's been in the low 70's with a heavenly breeze and nice, warming sun. It's almost my prefect running weather (perfect=60 degrees, sun, but a little mist in the air).

On Monday night, I ran my usual 5k route. I loved it! I've also been testing out a new product (can you guess). As soon as I test a little more a review will come your way.

It was a great run, but when I was at that wedding on Saturday, and in heels, I got some gnarly (yes, I said gnarly) blisters. The biggest one was on my pinky toe. I completely forgot about it, so I didn't cover them up. Well, about 1/2 mile into my run, I felt them.

Last night, I didn't want the blisters to ruin my longer run, so I took care of  them early. A couple of band aids made my night!

I had a couple of major stop lights on this run, so the time isn't all that bad (I don't stop the time while I'm stopped). 

While I was on my run, I was enjoying listening to my music and watching the cars drive by (rush hour traffic) and I wasn't paying any attention to where I was running. I ended up at a dead end pathway and almost ran into some bushes at the end of a 4 foot drop. I'm sure glad I noticed before I went off the edge. That would have been embarrassing!

Even though that mishap happened, I still had a great run (and my blisters didn't even bother me). Here's my super happy smiley face that was caused by the greatest run of the week, so far...

When I got home, my calves were already starting to get tight (I haven't really pushed myself in a long time, for that far), so I needed to wear some compression gear. I knew I couldn't wear my compression socks (because of the blisters on my feet), so I remembered I was given a pair of  RecoFIT compreession calve sleeves to try out. I  put those babies on and within 5 minutes (not exaggerating), my calves were already feeling some relief. 

Here are a few modeling shots I took (myself, yes, I'm proud). 

The material is very soft, and soothing, they feel great!

Here's some information from their website:
* RecoFit’s calf compression components superior design and materials include GreatFiT ™ -- Gradient Recovery Exercise & Activity Technology -- delivering gradient compression where it’s needed most to reduce negative exercise and travel effects and maximize recovery. Careful pattern-making and construction provide gradient compression from the ankle up towards the knee, helping to return the blood to the heart.
* Resistex Negative-ion circulation assistance through Resistex™ carbon yarns increases blood oxygenation and supports the immune system as well as offering ribbed massage, compression, moisture-management and breathability.
* Superior materials featuring the finest breathable and most comfortable Italian fabrics and flat-seam construction that do not bind or irritate. The contour and cross-grain-cut of the fabric provides maximum compression benefits.
* Versatility and performance: Recofit components are more versatile and specific than shorts, tights or socks.

Check them out!!!

Any funny running stories lately? Have you fallen into a puddle of water or stepped in dog poop or stopped to smell the flowers?

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