Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So, the guy that I spend most of my time with, the love of my life, has decided that he will run around the block with me on Sunday (it's about .25 mile)!!!

You have to understand, he hates running. He will only run if he is chasing someone. He has always supported me running and has gone to all my races (except for one because he had to work), but always said he would never run. 

We were talking last night and he said that he would make me super happy on Sunday. His words "I want to start off small". It's a start! He has told me that will never do a race, but he will run. It's a start. Better than nothing!!

I can't wait until Sunday!

I will catch you guys up on my life tomorrow, I was just so excited, I had to talk about that first!!

Any exciting news for you? Does your spouse/significant other/close friend/family members run with you?


  1. My hubby runs. But, he refuses to run with me (or anyone else). He's a lone runner.

  2. Nope. My hubby will never do it.

  3. yay! that's exciting. i hope he falls in love with it too :)