Monday, July 25, 2011

Pool Time!!

When I got up at 6 yesterday morning, I was starving. I fixed myself breakfast of champions: scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. I love this combination!

It fueled me properly to spend some time outside with this bad boy.

I've been wanting to start really swimming. I have a sprint tri in my head for sometime. I'm not sure how soon or how far away it may be. But, I want to make sure it could be a possibility by starting to do laps. As soon as it warmed up, I got my suit on. It's very difficult, since I live in an apartment, to try to do laps when little kids are doing cannonballs on your head. So I headed out at 10, before anyone else was there.

I ended up swimming a total of 500 meters. I took my time and started out with 6 laps, got out and laid out, got back in for 8 laps, then 10 laps, 8, 6, 6, 4 ,2. My arms are tired and I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it's what I want to do.

After I showered, I relaxed and lazed around the house until Jason's dad came over for dinner. I made chicken parm (baked) and garlic bread and a salad. It was a pretty healthy meal and very yummy!

This morning, I got myself out of bed at 4 and got ready and headed to the gym. I guess, I technically started my new workout schedule yesterday, with the swim. But, I started back at the gym today. I ran 6 miles on the mill. I needed to take a bathroom break at 3 miles and got back on and finished. I eagerly headed over the stairs. My long awaited friend treated my well this morning. Lots of sweat poured off my body and I walked out of the gym with a huge smile on my face. Now, it's time to get cleaned up and get ready for work. I will head back to the gym tonight for one of my favorite classes, Ripped!! I can't wait!

What's your favorite class at the gym!


  1. Yum! The fuel and swimming look awesome. Not that you'd ever catch me doing laps...unless I was dog paddling...

  2. Your meal looks super yum and healthy! My fav class at the gym is spin

  3. I read this post this morning at 4:15 am as I was getting ready to run 13 miles. I was REALLY feeling like I didn't want to get out there and do it. But, then I read that you had gotten up at 4am yesterday which helped a LOT. So, thanks for that.

    Wow, look at that. A sincere and heartfelt thanks instead of a comment about your bikini. Sometimes I surprise even myself.

  4. PS. More bikini pics. lol - j/k :)