Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moo-nlight Half Marathon

I'll make this very brief. I had some major stomach issues during the race (my tummy didn't like the GU I had during the race). Here I am towards the end, passing some people.

I am finished!! 2:19 (official time, 12.2 miles, not 13.1)

They had a beer garden with some really cheap beer (my tummy could only handle and few sips).

The car ride home was tough, I ended up spilling my guts into a bag (we couldn't pull over). Good news is, I'm feeling much better and am ready for my out of town company! I'll have a re-cap tomorrow.

How was everyone' race this weekend?


  1. Sorry for your tummy trouble! Great Job :)

  2. ...stomach isssues and still pulled out a 2:19? Wow.
    I like the idea of an evening race!

  3. Sorry you had stomach trouble! I hope you're feeling better!