Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Getting Girlie & My New Room

This weekend was such a busy weekend!! Friday night, we had out of town family over for dinner, right after work. I got up early on Saturday morning to do some things around the house before I left for a bridal shower. A couple hours after I left, I had our friends over for a dinner and girl time while the guys hung out. Sunday was going to be a relaxing day, but we got hooked working around the house. 

I had planned on going to my ripped class last night, but I was so tired, I couldn't bare working out for 2 hours. So, I planned on making our spare bedroom into my work out room. It's pretty sparse right now, but I'll get some stuff out of the garage this weekend, and make it better!

I ended up doing my entire ab mat workout in there. Of course, the kittens need to help me. I couldn't have done it without them! I killed myself in there!! I got a great workout in at home. It felt great! I didn't have a commute home afterwards. I've told Jason, that one day, I want to get a treadmill, a spin bike and some more mat work stuff. This will all save us money, because, I won't need to (pay) go to the gym. I think that is reasonable!

Never mind the bags under my eyes, I told you I was tired! This work out made my face look like this.

I'm getting girlie!! I was sent a super cute necklace to wear from Inspired Endurance. I love it so much! I never take it off!

One one side, it has a flower, on the other side, it has 13.1. This jewelery is 100% guaranteed and handmade and high quality. They are made from sterling silver & 14k gold. I've been wanting something special, ever since I crossed that first half marathon finish line. 

This is the perfect thing. I wear it in the shower, during my heavy (and light workouts) and even at work. The only time it gives me any problem is when I'm in spin class. The steep sprints out of the sattle causes the bead to band against my chest. Other than that (including running), it never "bothers" me. I often forget I'm even wearing it, until someone tells me that they like my necklace. 

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