Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shelly-0. Heat-1

Yesterday, I put my handheld in the freezer at work About 5 o'clock, I took it out and filled the rest with cold water (thanks for the ideas of staying cool in the heat). I headed out to the hot streets for a short run. I'm a baby when it comes to the heat. But, I love running outside. I want to get my body use to running in the heat, so I can always run outside. 

It was 88 degrees when I left work. I was mentally prepared for this. I used my shorter route and had my 1/4 frozen water (the rest cold water) and started one stride at a time. Every once in a while, I needed a walk break (in the shade). I expected this. What I didn't expect was all the crappy food I had eaten earlier in the day to come back and haunt me. It was a co-workers birthday yesterday and we had chocolate cake and egg rolls (not at the same time). I guess my body didn't like all the sugar and fried goodies I ate. I thought I gave it enough time between eating and running. 

My body had something else to say. I had to cut my run even shorter and hit up the bathrooms and the park (that I run near). I went back to my car and drank the rest of my water and ran (not literally) some errands (which I found some super cute running clothes at Target, which I'm going back for tomorrow). 

I'm not going to give up. I'm going to take it easy today and eat so much better (which I have been). Then, tomorrow, I will put my handheld back in the freezer and try the heat thing again. I'm not going to let the heat beat me. I will say when I run, not the weather. 

How do you deal with running in the heat. Any suggestions, I'll take. I'm determined!


  1. Make sure you are plenty hydrated in the days before you run in the heat...hydration is vital to running in hot weather...the handheld in the freezer is a great idea...also eating less processed foods like you normally do is a great help...sounds like you are doing the right stuff. I just try to run when the sun isn't so high in the sky and take it easy on my runs in the heat...then a very cold shower after as well as something cold to cool me down...blessings and good luck

  2. The heat is awful to deal with, it has hit my area sooner than normal but is up and down everyday which makes it harder to get used to! Good Luck :)