Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keep on Running (no matter the weather)

Last night's run wasn't too bad. It was about 87 with a slight breeze. I think at the beginning of June, I'll start running my longer route and get use to that, in the heat. 

My legs were feeling pretty tight after Monday's RIPPED class. 

After a couple miles, they felt much better. I've noticed some things about running during the summer. I think drivers have some compassion with runners running in the heat. For the past month, or so, drivers have stopped waaaaay before they needed to in order for me to run through an exit of a strip mall (or business). It was only during the winter and the pouring rain, when I had trouble with people trying to hit me with their cars. 

As I cross the streets (using the cross walks), drivers coming to a stop, often stop far from the cross walk. I love it!, I feel like I am in charge, even though a car could easily run me over like I'm a piece of paper. 

If you look at the above picture, you can see that my right tongue of my shoe is tilted to the right. That happens every time I put these shoes on, it always has. Does this ever happen to you?


  1. Your ripped class sounds pretty cool! I feel like most of the time people are pretty compassionate and when they are, I go out of my way to yell or mouth thank you and wave.

  2. I always wave to people who stop to let me pass, I rarely have to wait too long, except at this one light in town! I am thinking of doing Insanity, that ripped class sounds like a great workout too!